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Friday, June 4, 2010

Tiger of Sweden: An Art Gallery of Fashion

Tiger of Sweden is by far Sweden's most beautiful contribution to the world of fashion. I was so excited to find a flagship store in Stockholm! After doing some quick research, I was shocked to learn that the store actually started in 1903 by the tailors Markus Schwarmann and Hjalmar Nordström. The original focus was tailoring menswear. The label that is known today didn't start until the early 1990s. Their goal has been to design modern and attractive suits for the young inner-city working crowd. In 2003 the label was sold to a Danish company. Their longstanding history is nothing compared to how impressive their collection is. It was as if I were standing in an art gallery. Beautiful pieces and quality craftsmanship! I did not allow myself to try anything on, for this would have been too cruel given Tiger is a bit out of my price range!

For those obsessed, check out their blog!

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